Free Adult Coloring Pages

Free Adult Coloring Pages

Need a breather? Fancy a revolt? Our free adult coloring pages are here to dish out a slice of colorful relaxation. Download, print, and color—it's on the house!

Invite a pal or a cute date, and color the fuck out of your stress together. Ready to color outside the lines of adulting for a bit? Ready for some color therapy with a side of sass?

👇 Dive into these all-too-familiar adult scenarios below with our coloring pages:

Office Zombie Apocalypse

Explore Cubicle Catacombs, where office monotony transforms workers into mindless zombies. Experience the horror of endless emails and unnecessary meetings—that could've been an email. Will you evade the corporate zombies or become one of them?

Get the complete Office Zombie Apocalypse coloring.

 A black and white coloring page illustration depicting office workers transformed into zombies, gathered around a Xerox machine, emphasizing the monotony of office life.
 A black and white coloring page illustration showcasing zombified office workers at a reception desk, hinting at the lifeless routine of corporate life.
zombies a a boardroom meeting
zombies and a trading office with computers

Millennial Nightmares

Millennials: adept at digital navigation yet capsized by the iceberg of student debt, we hustle in the gig economy's tempest but can't set sail toward home ownership. Our selfies are flawless, our future less so, with retirement plans akin to a mythical pot of gold at the end of a WiFi rainbow.

A satirical black and white coloring page illustration highlighting millennial challenges like housing affordability and the gig economy, with a caption reading "You will own nothing and be happy.
Download "You will own nothing and be happy"
A satirical grayscale coloring page showcasing a chained millennial, weighed down by a massive ball labeled "Student Loans", representing the heavy burden of educational debt on young adults.
A humorous black and white coloring page showing a millennial chasing after a goose with a medical cross on it, symbolizing the elusive dream of free healthcare and the challenges faced in its pursuit.
Download "Free Healthcare? You silly goose!"

Conspiracy Theories

This is the section where the moon landing is just a Hollywood drama and Area 51 is the hottest alien nightclub. Grab your color pencils and let's add some shades to these shady tales, but remember: your crayons might be watching you. PSA Elvis is still alive!

a group of characters from popular conspiracies
Download "Conspiracy Avengers"
Elvis presley relaxing on a beach sipping cocktails and eating fried chicken
Download "The King is alive"
a hollywood studio where filmmakers are filming the moon landing
Download "The Moonlanding, Greatest Film Ever Made"
a hangar with an alien spaceship in Area 51
Download "Area 51"

Modern Dating Disasters

The humorous and dark side of modern dating, including disastrous online dating encounters or awkward first dates.The following a free pages from the full Modern Dating Disasters coloring book.

a couple on a date with the caption "im not looking for anything serious, just a month to month subscription"
Download "Subscription Sorrow"
a woman sitting at a bar, a ghost bartender hands her a drink and says "looks like youve been ghosted again. drinks on the house"
Download "Ghosted Gala"
a woman telling a man "this date should go viral, as a cautionary tale"
Download "Viral Date"
a man and a woman on a fancy dinner, the man on his phone texts the following "just texting u to pass the salt"
Download "Texting Trauma"

Frequently Asked Questions

🎒 What's the best kind of paper to print these pages on?
Any paper you have on hand will do the trick, but if you're going to use markers, be careful of bleeding – always place an extra sheet underneath. For the best results, we recommend bright printable cardstock. Here's where you can grab some from Amazon: Bright Printable Cardstock and Target: Neenah Pastel Cardstock.

🖌️ Which coloring tools give the best results?
The best tools are the ones you have within arm's reach—colored pencils, crayons, regular markers etc. However, for a truly blissful coloring experience, we can't help but recommend brush tip markers for their smooth application and vibrant finish. Check out this great value brand on Amazon: Brush Tip Markers.

🌈 Will you be tossing more free adult coloring pages our way?
Oh, you betcha! Our creative juices are constantly flowing, so new coloring pages pop up whenever we drop a new book or when the muse strikes. Bookmark this page, join our newsletter, or get social with us on Facebook to catch the latest sheets hot off the press!

🔍 I’ve stumbled upon your adult coloring pages on a different site. Is that cool or should I call the coloring cops?
As long as these pages are being shared for free AND our website is credited, it's all gravy. However, if someone’s making a buck off our sheets or passing them off as their own, ring the alarm and let us know—we know a guy who knows a guy.

👥 Can I share these fun-tastic coloring sheets with my buddies, my grandma, or the girl I just met at the coffee shop?
Absolutely! Spread the coloring joy far and wide. But if you're handing out our swear word specials, maybe gauge the room first? We won’t be held responsible for anyone getting triggered.

🖨️ I’m on a coloring spree. Can I download and print the same page over and over again?
Go wild! Print a forest of them if that tickles your fancy. But remember, we're not footing the bill for your printer ink!

💰 Am I allowed to sell these colorific masterpieces?
Hell no! Our sheets are free for a reason. They’re our babies, protected by copyright law. Spot someone selling them? Be a hero and drop us a line.

🎨 How often do you guys come up with these color-worthy creations?
Our creativity is like a river, sometimes it’s a steady flow, other times it’s a raging torrent. New pages sprout up with each book release, and occasionally, when inspiration strikes like a bolt out of the blue.

🤔 Why adult coloring sheets? Is this a millennial crisis or a stroke of genius?
A tad of both, perhaps? Adult coloring is a swell way to bid adieu to stress and unlock that rusty creative door. Plus, who could resist a chance to color outside the lines without getting a time-out?

🎉 Got any tips for making my coloring experience freaking awesome?
Grab a comfy seat, a set of killer colors, crank up your favorite tunes, pop a bottle of wine and let the coloring adventure begin! Experiment with different hues, and remember, the only rule is that there are no rules!

😱 What if I mess up a page? Is it coloring curtains for me?
Fear not, you color daredevil! Our pages are forgiving - just download and print again. It’s like having a coloring guardian angel on your shoulder!

🎈 Are these sheets a solo act or can it be a coloring party?
Oh, it’s a party alright! Gather your pals, rustle up some sheets, and let the coloring shenanigans begin. It’s social, it’s therapeutic, it’s a colorpalooza!

📸 Can I share my colored masterpieces on social media?
Please do! We love seeing our sheets dressed up in glorious color. Tag us, and who knows, you might just become the talk of our color town!

🏅 I’ve colored all your pages. What now? Do I get a medal?
While we’re fresh out of medals, you get a lifetime supply of bragging rights and the eternal admiration of the coloring community. Keep those pencils poised for our next batch of pages!

💤 If I dream in color after a coloring marathon, should I seek professional help?
Only if the colors start arguing with each other! Otherwise, you’re just soaking in the chromatic glory of your creativity. Sweet color dreams!

👮‍♂️I fancy reselling these snazzy images and downloadable books for a tidy profit. How about it?
Oh, we must rain on your parade here! Our images and downloadable books are exclusive treasures meant for personal use only. Resale or distribution is strictly prohibited. Cancelled by Colors is a one-person labor of love, and when you purchase from me, you support the little guy, ensuring the colorful magic keeps flowing your way.