About this site

Because sometimes, the brightest hues come from the darkest corners of our psyche.

About this site

The Damn Adulting Abyss
Adulting, huh? Remember when your biggest damn worry was whether Saturday morning cartoons would ever be the same without your favorite sugary cereal?

Now it's 3 a.m., and you're up, stressed AF, wondering if those sneaky hedge funds will buy out all our homes or just how outrageously pricey eggs have become.

a beach with graphite over the sand

Pencils, Not Pixels
Before the digital shitstorm took over, you were a master of pencils, not those pesky pixels.

Cancelled by Colors nudges you back towards that simpler, less screwed-up era, albeit with a fucked up twist. We're your damn refuge from the relentless dumpster fire of adulting.

An Escape
Our adult-themed coloring books might not be everyone's cup of tea.

But for those who love a good laugh and a sprinkle (heavy pinch) of profanity and dark humor, they're bloody perfect. Problematic, cringing, and coloring - that's how we roll, and we bet you'll be damn into it too.

a group of monkeys painting on easels, they are in a forest

The Science Behind the Strokes
It's not just about filling in the damn spaces with color; there's some legit magic in those strokes.

Studies have shown that coloring isn't just child's play; it can act as meditation, helping your stressed-out ass reduce anxiety and find some much-needed zen.

This activity combines creativity with structure, lighting up your brain in all the right ways. So, here at Cancelled by Colors, we're offering more than just a quirky pastime; it's a scientifically-backed ticket to better mental health.

a group of polar bears making snow men from snow

Plus it's cheap! Just hit the dollar store for some colored pencils and we provide free (and some inexpensive) coloring sheets.

This opens up your budged for a better tequila or pinot noir.

a giant ghost painting colorful things on the border wall with Mexico and USA

Get your coloring pencils ready, and let's get to it! Coloring outside the lines isn't just fun, it's fucking therapeutic.